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  • According to vpnMentor, the countries that use the most VPNs are Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Turkey
  • The market size of VPNs are predicted to increase in the next two years
  • The use of the market of VPNs being increased can be attributed to the fact that some peoples internet traffic are being tampered with ad being watched by governments and many other public entities. VPN use in these countries can also be very high because those countries have very strict on laws on what people can do on the internet. Because the internet isnt really owned by anyone and technology is being much more accessible to people, it will be very difficult overtime for other countries to monitor the use of internet.

  • The countries with the lowest VPN usage are Germany with 6%, USA and UK with 5%, and Australia with 4% (GeoSurf)
  • This small share of VPN usage can be contributed to the fact that these countries have free expression and dont regulate or monitor the use of internet. The usage of VPNs is also predicted to go up because of the introduction of things such as "Net Neutrality". This law would cause people on the internet to pay for services on the internet such as high resolution on a Youtube video or even slow down internet traffic for content creators. A VPN would mske it so that ISP's (Internet Service Providers) would not be able to monitor your internet trafic or charge you for serives that are already on the internet