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What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows a person to browse the internet saefely through ecrypting data that is sent through an internet connection. It allows someone to change their browsing region to another area in the world. The main reason someone might want to do this so that they can have access to website that was othersise unvalaible to their current region. VPN's are becoming a need for people now more than ever since people sre starting to make more monetary transactions through their computer and/or smartphone. Since this shift in the way people are buying things is happening, and happeining very fast, more people are becoming technologically vulnerable to blackhate hackers (hackers that operate outside of legal bounderies) and any automated program that wants to take advantage of the fact that people transmit information through the internet.

Why Tech Is The Big Threat

Technological advancement in the twenty first century is considered to be one of the fastest in the history of the world. But with this advancement comes with people, companies and even some countres that are willing to use this fast growing technology to hurt millions of people. Many years ago neighboring countries invading your own was a big threat, fast forward some time; nuclear war a very dangerous threat to the entire world. Today hacking and the undermining of technological infustructure is one of the biggest threats to the world. This video explains how dangerous technology can be used to negativly affect other nations. This video shows how a cyber war could break out in forgein nations.

How a cyber war would kill us all

Using a VPN is what makes it very difficult to cause things like this. The technology of VPNs is also improving as hackers become more and more advanced in their attempts to undermine security. A VPN wouldnt neccessarily stop the affects of a cyber war, but it would make it much harder for foriegn countries and intitutions to hack and affect us technologically. Considering the way other countries have been developing in their technological capabilities, it would make a lot of sense to be prepared on a security level.